Diamond Auto Detailing LLC

     Automotive Restoration


Committed to providing the highest quality restorations,  the quality work of our employees are detail oriented. Our goal is to have your vehicle looking as if it had just come off the showroom floor.


Interior Detail

- Degrease & clean all door jams

- All rubber seals cleaned!

vacuum entire vechile

-Shampoo & extract fabrics

-Clean windows & condition Leather

-Clean plastic panels & small crevices

-Restore & treat all vinyl & plastic



Exterior Detail

-Hand wash & dry exterior

-All door jams cleaned

-Remove all bugs, tar, tree sap, etc.

-Detail tires including wheel wells 

-Clay bar application to remove oxidation & other impurities

- 3 step cut paint correction and polish to remove most swirls, scratches,  and restore finish



Full Detail

-Hand wash & dry exterior

-Detail all door jams

-All rubber seals cleaned

-Vacuum entire vehicle

-Shampoo & extract carpets/floor mats/seats

-Clean & condition leather

-Detail all plastics, vents & dashboard


-Clean & treat all vinyls/plastics

-Clean in all small crevices

-Clean Windows

-Clay bar & wax application

-Bug & tar removal

-Clean & dress wheel wells & tires


Basic Detail

- Hand wash & dry exterior

- Vacuum interior carpets, floor mats, seats, & trunk

- Clean windows

- Wipe down dash

- Clean wheels & dress tires


Diamond Detail

-Everything included in a full detail & more

-Clean & dress the engine

-rain x application

- 3 step paint correction process to restore exterior finish



Extra Options

-Pet hair removal (starting at $40)

-Clay bar (starting at $20)

-Exterior paint sealant (starting at $100)

-Odor ionizer (starting at $40)

-Rain X application for windows (starting at $30)

-Headlight restoration (starting at $40)